Saturday, 22 November 2008

I’m part alien

Recently I found out that the Dutch government doesn’t consider me completely Dutch. At least they will not consider me fully Dutch when I’m 65. I won’t get a full (100%) retirement pension. I’m also not able to apply for the Australian Age Pension, for compensation, as I’m not eligible, as I will have earned too much money in the Netherlands by the time I retire.

This situation is quite funny actually as the Dutch Government has made me pay my taxes all my working life. I even have to pay the full percentage of the tax that goes towards the old age pension. The premium is 17% of my income. I won’t mention how much income tax I have to pay every year (around 40% of my yearly income).

By the time I retire I will have worked for 42 years in the Netherlands!! But the Dutch government isn’t impressed as I haven’t lived here from the age of 15. You are only considered fully Dutch when you have lived in the Netherlands from the age of 15. It doesn’t seem to be important that I was born here, that I have a Dutch nationality and citizenship.

I’ve lost my identity!! I’m not fully Dutch. I’m not part Australian (although I’ve lived there for more than 10 years). I seem to be part stateless!! I’m part alien!! The only thing that makes me happy is that I’ve saved up enough for my retirement. In the Netherlands you have a government pension and a private pension system. I’m not too worried that I won’t have a good life, moneywise, when I’m 65.

However, I’m considering going into therapy and sending the bill to the Dutch government. It is hard to be part alien. It is hard to be stateless. It is hard not to feel accepted, actually I feel discriminated by the government that doesn’t consider me to be a full Dutch citizen.


‘I want to go home’……, however I don’t know where that is.


Chookyblue...... said...

you can be an Aussie if they count my say.......what an awful situation......

Jackie said...

Kind of makes your head spin a little. At least you have not lost your sense of humor about the whole situation. It does seem sort of ridiculous, not to mention unfair.

quiltmom said...

What a crazy mixed up situation- it sure seems convoluted - Do you have any options to rectify it?
It certainly is unfair- It certainly is good that you can find the funny side of it -
I hope someone is able to come up with a better solution than the way it is now..