Friday, 14 November 2008



My neck and right shoulder has been hurting. It hurts so much that I’m back having physiotherapy. Silly me has work related occupational overuse disorder. Most people call it RSI. When I have deadlines that need to be met, I usually remain sitting behind my computer in the same position for long periods of time. I also have a tendency to keep my hand on the mouse. I don’t want to let it go smiley  .  My posture is not good and I don’t  take enough breaks. When will I learn??

Two nights ago the pain was so bad that I put a hotpack on my shoulder.


As you may gather, I haven’t been doing any patchwork.

Hopefully I'll get some done this weekend.

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Sweet P said...

I've dealt with shoulder pain off and on for the last six years. The best thing I ever did was stop working at a desk job. I know that's not the answer for everyone, but it helped me. I hope your shoulder is better soon.