Sunday, 19 October 2008

They have finally come

Some time ago I took a subscription  on the following magazines: McCall’s Quilting and Quilter’s Home. To be exact I put in a subscription last July and the first issue finally arrived in October.  It was a long wait.

This is how it was delivered. Nicely in plastic bags so that the content is safe.



Here is a picture of the front cover.

The wait was worth it. I now only need to find time to read them properly. I did find some time for a quick peek, just before going to bed last Thursday night icon_wink


Jackie said...

You got the new issue of Quilter's Home the same time as me!

ineke said...

lucky you. I toke a subscription on McCall's quilting paid in october 2007 never received any magazine and my money???. But wish you a lot of pleasure reading it.