Thursday, 30 October 2008

A quick posting

I worked on my SSCS project yesterday while watching a video. Really made some progress. It was a good decision to combine the two. I watched: PS. I love you. This is a real Helen movie. I sometimes enjoy a real good cry (even when I’m happy). Well this film sure brought on the tears, a real tearjerker.  It enticed numerous mood swings,  from happy to sad, from laughter to tears, from a knot in my stomach to goose bumps. But I do have to worn you, it is a real chick flick and I want to move to Ireland now party0040

The postman brought another parcel. He timed it just right.


I’m trying out new magazines. I order them from

I also found time to go and fix a chip in my windscreen. This is the second time this year! As I was in the neighborhood I went to this giant office supply store and bought Iron-on Transfers for my Inkjet printer.  The reason for this purchase is that I found a tutorial on making your own labels while reading blogs on Bloglines. After reading this tutorial I thought I would give it a go. With a little help from Hubby I figured-out how to flip the lettering so that the letters are reversed. I now only have to find time to buy some natural cotton twill tape. I might even make/design my own quilt labels.

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Julie said...

Isn't that the best movie. I saw it not long ago and loved it.