Saturday, 4 October 2008

Pink Ribbon

The pink ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness. October has become breast cancer awareness month. I have decided to support this organization after two friends of mine were diagnosed having breast cancer.

I think early detection is important. I hope that clinical breast exam will become an important part of routine physical checkups. Sadly, our national healthcare isn’t focused on preventive  screening.  Only women between 50 and 70 years are checked every two years in the Netherlands.  Hopefully they will widen this range and enable women above the age of 20 to get preventive screening.

I hope that my donation will go to those projects that focus on improving psychosocial care and well-being of those women who are confronted with breast cancer. I also hope that part of my donation will go towards making others (government and policy makers) aware how important preventive screening is. This doesn’t only apply to breast cancer but also for cervical cancer screening. Both programs don’t get much attention in the Netherlands.

I bought these two items to show my support.  




Pink Ribbon International

Pink Ribbon Netherlands

Dutch cancer foundation – KWF kankerbestrijding

For a coffee break I bought this magazine.


I’m now going downstairs to read it.


Jackie said...

It is too bad that they don't have yearly screenings for women. I have many ( I can't even count them on both hands any more) friends who were diagnosed with breast cancer and survived, sadly some have passed on. I think it is a very worthy cause and should be supported globally. I support it whenever I can.

Leanne said...

Well done Helen...lots in the press here but it touches everyone at some point in their lives.