Thursday, 30 October 2008

Celebrating and organizing a giveaway

My previous posting brings me on to an other subject. Please help me to think of a  name that I can use on my labels. I’m even considering changing the name of my blog, I’m open for suggestions.

Have you got a creative thought??

As I didn’t celebrate my 100th post and I didn’t celebrate my 200th posting. I even let my first anniversary (17th of June 2007) pass, as I haven’t been paying much attention to these milestones!!  I should make note of it, as others celebrate frequently a milestone in blogland. Some even organize giveaways to celebrate. To help me think of a name for my labels (or even my blog) I thought I would organize a small competition to celebrate my 300th post.  The person who can think of the most original idea will receive a small gift and most probably the honor of seeing their idea printed on my labels. When brainstorming for ideas please note that I would like to use my name somehow on the label.


PS. this is my 290th post.

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Karol-Ann said...

I shall have to have a think... (I'm not feeling very creative at the moment LOL)