Friday, 3 October 2008

Another quilting class

Here are some pics of the blocks that were made last fortnight. One person completed the whole block (Janny). 


Most of us still have some homework to do!!  Joke surprised us all. She has nearly finished her block.

IMG_1220 IMG_1221

        Joke’s block                                   Marja’s block

   IMG_1222 IMG_1238

        Matty’s block                                         Mirjam’s block

For those who read my blog frequently know that I didn’t make a picture of all the blocks. I seem to have forgotten to make a picture of Tonny’s and Tineke’s blocks. Sorry guys.


This is my block. I have to undo some work!! The two triangles in the middle don’t complement the rest. Aagje, my quilt teacher, advised me to use a checked fabric.


I like this blue, red and white checked fabric. The coming 3 weeks I have to undo 1/3 of a block and complete 4 blocks!! 

One of the block patterns we are going to make is this one:


What makes this pattern different to the first block is the center.


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