Friday, 31 October 2008


Busy with my SSCS project. However, I can’t show too much.


New technique

Today I learned to thumb quilt using  TED's ThumbThimble™.


It is really a joy quilting this way. Laura taught us the basics and now we only need to practice, practice and practice a little more.

Here are some pictures of the workshop.

IMG_1446 IMG_1447

IMG_1455 IMG_1456

The lady standing in the picture above is Laura. If you want to learn this technique visit her website for information. I’m sure she will be giving this workshop again.

IMG_1457 IMG_1458

Don’t you just love these Amish dolls sitting on the chandelier?

IMG_1460Before leaving some of us had a quick peek in some books that Laura was giving away. Temptation, temptation. Some books have gotten a new home for themselves.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Celebrating and organizing a giveaway

My previous posting brings me on to an other subject. Please help me to think of a  name that I can use on my labels. I’m even considering changing the name of my blog, I’m open for suggestions.

Have you got a creative thought??

As I didn’t celebrate my 100th post and I didn’t celebrate my 200th posting. I even let my first anniversary (17th of June 2007) pass, as I haven’t been paying much attention to these milestones!!  I should make note of it, as others celebrate frequently a milestone in blogland. Some even organize giveaways to celebrate. To help me think of a name for my labels (or even my blog) I thought I would organize a small competition to celebrate my 300th post.  The person who can think of the most original idea will receive a small gift and most probably the honor of seeing their idea printed on my labels. When brainstorming for ideas please note that I would like to use my name somehow on the label.


PS. this is my 290th post.

A quick posting

I worked on my SSCS project yesterday while watching a video. Really made some progress. It was a good decision to combine the two. I watched: PS. I love you. This is a real Helen movie. I sometimes enjoy a real good cry (even when I’m happy). Well this film sure brought on the tears, a real tearjerker.  It enticed numerous mood swings,  from happy to sad, from laughter to tears, from a knot in my stomach to goose bumps. But I do have to worn you, it is a real chick flick and I want to move to Ireland now party0040

The postman brought another parcel. He timed it just right.


I’m trying out new magazines. I order them from

I also found time to go and fix a chip in my windscreen. This is the second time this year! As I was in the neighborhood I went to this giant office supply store and bought Iron-on Transfers for my Inkjet printer.  The reason for this purchase is that I found a tutorial on making your own labels while reading blogs on Bloglines. After reading this tutorial I thought I would give it a go. With a little help from Hubby I figured-out how to flip the lettering so that the letters are reversed. I now only have to find time to buy some natural cotton twill tape. I might even make/design my own quilt labels.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Free time

I’ve got myself some free time!! I’ve actually taken some days off from work. No work for the next three days!!

As I woke up a little early I decided to make the GTQ-Bee Roster for 2009. I’ve gotten all our activities planned till next fall icon_biggrin


The quilters in my bee will have a nice surprise when they open their mailbox.

But didn’t I do a neat job? Sorry for the blur, but I don’t want this to get into the wrong hands icon_wink

Well I better get dressed and get on with my SSCS project.

As you know it is nearly Christmas.

Monday, 27 October 2008

What is wrong with this block?

No one noticed but one of the feathers is not right. See earlier posting.

To see my mistake focus on the right corner above. This feather looks different to the one on the left. I had to undo some of my work (again), but I fixed it!!


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Quilt class

In the previous posting I showed the feathered star blocks that we have completed so far. Well here we are busy with another block pattern. In the first picture Marja en Joke are waiting in front of the shop.

IMG_1392  IMG_1412

I haven’t been in a picture for a long time. I’m the one in black looking very concentrated. I asked Matty to be the photographer this time.

IMG_1417 IMG_1414

Mirjam was not able to make it to this class, so yesterday I was the one teaching Mirjam. Mirjam was having some problems and I was able to solve them for her. Aagje, (my quilt teacher) had given me instructions on what I had to look for.

Her blocks are coming along nicely as well.

IMG_1425 IMG_1426

Another lesson

It amazes me how different the feathered star block look just by using different fabrics.

Here is an impression of some of the blocks that have been (nearly) completed.


These are Matty’s blocks


Guess who is a little behind? Me!! This is and impression of my feathered star block

IMG_1400 IMG_1401

These two are Joke’s blocks.


This is Tonny’s finished block.

IMG_1403 IMG_1405

Marja has also been busy. These blocks are coming along nicely.


Janny has completed all four blocks. She was the only one who had completed our homework assignment. I now understand how she did it. She has been working about 3,5 hours per day, 5 days a week, to complete 3 blocks in 3 weeks. Do you know how many hours this is? Again, I realize that I don’t have enough spare time. 

IMG_1409 IMG_1410

These two blocks are Tineke’s.

All these blocks have the same pattern but don’t they look different?

Investing in the economy

I’ve been on a shopping spree. Last two weeks I bought myself a new bag, new shoes and new boots.

IMG_1429 IMG_1430

IMG_1433 IMG_1434


I also bought some Christmas decorations. I know I could have made them myself, but this was a little easier.


I hope that buying this stuff has helped the economy a little. At least I did my bit.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

They have finally come

Some time ago I took a subscription  on the following magazines: McCall’s Quilting and Quilter’s Home. To be exact I put in a subscription last July and the first issue finally arrived in October.  It was a long wait.

This is how it was delivered. Nicely in plastic bags so that the content is safe.



Here is a picture of the front cover.

The wait was worth it. I now only need to find time to read them properly. I did find some time for a quick peek, just before going to bed last Thursday night icon_wink