Saturday, 13 September 2008

Thumb quilting

I bought Ted's ThumbThimble last week. IMG_1076When hand quilting you need to turn the hoop constantly as you always quilt towards you. Ted Storm has developed a new technique.  Switch to quilting with your thumb when it is required to quilt away from your body. I hope to learn this new technique and further improve my quilting technique. 

Hand quilting, described by Candy Goff

Quilting stitches resemble a running stitch penetrating all three layers : the top, the batting and the backing.

To begin quilting, insert the needle into the top about 1/2" away from where you want to start. Pass the needle through the batting layer only until the tip has traveled to the starting point.
Pull the needle and thread until the knot is at the surface of the quilt top, then tug until the knot pops underneath the top layer.
The knot should be hidden within the batting layer and not visible on either the top or bottom of the quilt. 

To end a line of quilting, it's necessary again to bury the knot within the batting layer. Hold the thread a couple of inches above the quilt top. Wrap the thread 2 times around the needle (still threaded). Pull the needle and tighten the knot. Ideally, the knot should be about 1/4" from the quilt top. Hold the thread out of the way in the opposite direction from the way you were quilting. This allows you to see the hole made by your last stitch.
Insert the needle back into the hole made by the last stitch
and travel in the batting layer about 1/2" away. Come up through the top and pull until the knot is laying against the top layer. Tug and pop the knot into the batting layer. No knot is visible on either side of the quilt sandwich. Cut the thread close to the top, taking care not to snip into the fabric of the quilt. (©2001)

A hand quilted table runner

IMG_1041 IMG_1043

This is Jannie's hand quilted table runner!  Quilting with the hand is very different to machine quilting and the result is also very different.

Amersfoort, walking to Laura's Quilt Atelier. Here you can learn how to Thumb Quilt.


IMG_1034 IMG_1033

Don't you just love this doll house (shop) with the miniature quilts and fabrics? You see this doll house when you stand in front of the shop. Click on the photo to have a closer look.

According to Candy Goff ''It's not a quilt until it's quilted!'' This is so true. I really love hand quilted quilts. It only takes forever to finish a large quilt by hand. According to the lady I met at Laura's Quilt Atelier , a 2 by 2 meter quilt will take a hand quilter about a year to quilt. I'm not doing too bad then. Although, according to my sister it is taking forever!  At the moment I've nearly quilted about one third of Zoë's quilt, and I started at the end of May.

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