Saturday, 13 September 2008

This summers last bee

Last Thursday we had our last summer quilting bee. These are the fabrics we bought for the feathered star quilts we are going to make during this autumn quilting course.

IMG_1042 IMG_1044

IMG_1050  IMG_1053

IMG_1055 IMG_1056

IMG_1058 IMG_1052

Isn’t Jannie’s dog cute?

This is the pattern for the feathered star quilt:


After show and tell we did some hand quilting. As you may guess lots of quilts are slowly being quilted while we talk. It always amazes me how much we talk. Some of us will most likely complete their projects soon and are ready to start with a new project. Others are a little slower, as the quilts they are making are huge. And, lets not forget that hand quilting is tedious work. And, it doesn't matter how much or little progress we are making, as long as we are enjoying ourselves. 

Some of our works are pretty impressive. Thanks to Aagje we are becoming very skilled quilters.

Last week I went to the annual quilting show in Arnhem.  Sadly there were hardly any handmade quilts displayed. To be truthful, there were hardly any real quilts being displayed. It seems that the Dutch Quilt Guild is going for the modern abstract stuff. Like these:


Some would call this quilting but I would say this is art of another kind. The guild seems to have a preference for this kind of art but I think this has nothing to do with quilting and I presume that there are lots of others who share my opinion. I prefer the traditional stuff.  I hope to see more traditional quilts next year at the 26th quilt exhibition.

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