Sunday, 28 September 2008

Feathered Star – block 1

This afternoon I carried on cutting. This block is like a jigsaw! It was pretty difficult cutting and fitting all the pieces together. So far I’ve cut enough for 1 feather and once I’ve pieced it all together (hopefully tonight) I will have 1/3 block done. The coming evenings I will have to cut the fabric for the other 3 feathers so that I have something to show at our next class, this Thursday.

IMG_1207 IMG_1209

As you can see I carried all my stuff downstairs and installed myself at the dining table. Got myself organized and decided to combine cutting with watching Foyle’s War, the last episode. This is a British detective series set during the second war in Hastings, England. I especially love Michael Kitchen in the role of Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle. I do hope ‘they’ decide to continue producing Foyle’s War. 

IMG_1210 IMG_1212

IMG_1213 IMG_1215

The last picture shows how it will turn out. I’ll post another picture once I’ve pieced it all together.

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Jackie said...

Perseverance is the key. This is a difficult block but well worth it in the end.