Sunday, 28 September 2008

Bridge Climb

In 2000 I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A fantastic experience.

img121_bridgeclimb_2000 img122_bridgeclimb_2000

For my effort I got a climber certificate and a pin. Last summer I lost my pin. So I wrote to and got a new one. IMG_0774_bridgeclimb-pinSadly I lost that too some weeks ago. Luckily I had made a photo of the pin on my new backpack. I’m pretty happy with my new backpack except for the fact that these pins don’t remain stuck. Look what Hubby got me to compensate my loss. Isn’t he cute?

Don’t you love his suit. It looks like the one I'm wearing in the top picture. And, as you can see, he is a real climber. He climbed up our fence in the backyard to have a look in the little birdhouse.


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