Monday, 22 September 2008

Back to school

Last Thursday was the first day back to quilting school. We are finally in our fourth year! This year the focus is on learning how to make a feathered star quilt. Here are some photos of our first class.


In the above photo you can see that we are absorbing the information that is given. Look at the concentrated pose. We are all ears.

This is the block we have to make for homework.


These are the prints for our templates.


In the picture below Matty is kindly demonstrating how we make our templates.


Most of us are going to make blocks measuring 48 x 48 centimeters. A couple of us are taking on another challenge and are going to make smaller blocks. This time I’m not one of them! I really don’t need another challenge knipoog .

The quilt will contain 5 different feathered star blocks. And, our finished quilts will look something like this one.


This quilt was made by Riek, the owner of the quilt shop where the Quiltkelder is situated.


As you can see we are all very busy during the lesson as we don’t want to end up with too much homework.

 th7_20_91_quilting smiley


Anonymous said...

I love your quilting smiley.

Jackie said...

I wish I could take that quilting class with you. The feathered block is a complex one. The final result is fantastic. I love the quilt that you will end up with, it is gorgeous!

Ruth's Place said...

It is going to be stunning! What colours are you using?

Karol-Ann said...

Wonderful! It's going to be a beautiful quilt for sure!!