Sunday, 28 September 2008

Feathered Star – block 1

This afternoon I carried on cutting. This block is like a jigsaw! It was pretty difficult cutting and fitting all the pieces together. So far I’ve cut enough for 1 feather and once I’ve pieced it all together (hopefully tonight) I will have 1/3 block done. The coming evenings I will have to cut the fabric for the other 3 feathers so that I have something to show at our next class, this Thursday.

IMG_1207 IMG_1209

As you can see I carried all my stuff downstairs and installed myself at the dining table. Got myself organized and decided to combine cutting with watching Foyle’s War, the last episode. This is a British detective series set during the second war in Hastings, England. I especially love Michael Kitchen in the role of Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle. I do hope ‘they’ decide to continue producing Foyle’s War. 

IMG_1210 IMG_1212

IMG_1213 IMG_1215

The last picture shows how it will turn out. I’ll post another picture once I’ve pieced it all together.

Christmas Stitchery


My SSCS projects are coming along nicely. This is one of the presents I'm making. Can't give too much away, but as you can see this elf is busy with her swap. I'm sure I will get it finished before the end of November. I received an reminder from Chookyblue. Did you? She wanted to know how we are getting along.

I wonder how my swap partner is getting along with her preparations. Sadly, the partner I'm making the swap for doesn't seem to blog often. I do hope she is well and will post a little more. It would be nice to know if she is the kind of person who will like these presents.


Santa's Helper


I came across these little hedgehogs at the baker last week.


No, I didn't find them at my local baker but at a bakery shop in Denekamp. I had to go there for a presentation and happened to pass this nice bakery shop. I also got some other chocolates and gave them as a present to Hubby in this tin.


They were delicious. icon_biggrin

PS - the bridgeclimber bear is trying to keep them safe, but we were stronger than him.

Bridge Climb

In 2000 I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A fantastic experience.

img121_bridgeclimb_2000 img122_bridgeclimb_2000

For my effort I got a climber certificate and a pin. Last summer I lost my pin. So I wrote to and got a new one. IMG_0774_bridgeclimb-pinSadly I lost that too some weeks ago. Luckily I had made a photo of the pin on my new backpack. I’m pretty happy with my new backpack except for the fact that these pins don’t remain stuck. Look what Hubby got me to compensate my loss. Isn’t he cute?

Don’t you love his suit. It looks like the one I'm wearing in the top picture. And, as you can see, he is a real climber. He climbed up our fence in the backyard to have a look in the little birdhouse.


Monday, 22 September 2008

Back to school

Last Thursday was the first day back to quilting school. We are finally in our fourth year! This year the focus is on learning how to make a feathered star quilt. Here are some photos of our first class.


In the above photo you can see that we are absorbing the information that is given. Look at the concentrated pose. We are all ears.

This is the block we have to make for homework.


These are the prints for our templates.


In the picture below Matty is kindly demonstrating how we make our templates.


Most of us are going to make blocks measuring 48 x 48 centimeters. A couple of us are taking on another challenge and are going to make smaller blocks. This time I’m not one of them! I really don’t need another challenge knipoog .

The quilt will contain 5 different feathered star blocks. And, our finished quilts will look something like this one.


This quilt was made by Riek, the owner of the quilt shop where the Quiltkelder is situated.


As you can see we are all very busy during the lesson as we don’t want to end up with too much homework.

 th7_20_91_quilting smiley

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The postman delivered this….

Yesterday when I got home there was this parcel laying on the table.


Yes, I ordered some yummy quilt magazines last week. I didn’t expect them to arrive that quickly. 

Here I’m quilting. It is quite difficult quilting curves. I’m quilting these hearts at the moment. I’ll take another photo soon when I have removed the blue markings. Hopefully you will see the effect better, somehow these photos doesn’t do it justice.

IMG_1078 IMG_1080

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Thumb quilting

I bought Ted's ThumbThimble last week. IMG_1076When hand quilting you need to turn the hoop constantly as you always quilt towards you. Ted Storm has developed a new technique.  Switch to quilting with your thumb when it is required to quilt away from your body. I hope to learn this new technique and further improve my quilting technique. 

Hand quilting, described by Candy Goff

Quilting stitches resemble a running stitch penetrating all three layers : the top, the batting and the backing.

To begin quilting, insert the needle into the top about 1/2" away from where you want to start. Pass the needle through the batting layer only until the tip has traveled to the starting point.
Pull the needle and thread until the knot is at the surface of the quilt top, then tug until the knot pops underneath the top layer.
The knot should be hidden within the batting layer and not visible on either the top or bottom of the quilt. 

To end a line of quilting, it's necessary again to bury the knot within the batting layer. Hold the thread a couple of inches above the quilt top. Wrap the thread 2 times around the needle (still threaded). Pull the needle and tighten the knot. Ideally, the knot should be about 1/4" from the quilt top. Hold the thread out of the way in the opposite direction from the way you were quilting. This allows you to see the hole made by your last stitch.
Insert the needle back into the hole made by the last stitch
and travel in the batting layer about 1/2" away. Come up through the top and pull until the knot is laying against the top layer. Tug and pop the knot into the batting layer. No knot is visible on either side of the quilt sandwich. Cut the thread close to the top, taking care not to snip into the fabric of the quilt. (©2001)

A hand quilted table runner

IMG_1041 IMG_1043

This is Jannie's hand quilted table runner!  Quilting with the hand is very different to machine quilting and the result is also very different.

Amersfoort, walking to Laura's Quilt Atelier. Here you can learn how to Thumb Quilt.


IMG_1034 IMG_1033

Don't you just love this doll house (shop) with the miniature quilts and fabrics? You see this doll house when you stand in front of the shop. Click on the photo to have a closer look.

According to Candy Goff ''It's not a quilt until it's quilted!'' This is so true. I really love hand quilted quilts. It only takes forever to finish a large quilt by hand. According to the lady I met at Laura's Quilt Atelier , a 2 by 2 meter quilt will take a hand quilter about a year to quilt. I'm not doing too bad then. Although, according to my sister it is taking forever!  At the moment I've nearly quilted about one third of Zoë's quilt, and I started at the end of May.

This summers last bee

Last Thursday we had our last summer quilting bee. These are the fabrics we bought for the feathered star quilts we are going to make during this autumn quilting course.

IMG_1042 IMG_1044

IMG_1050  IMG_1053

IMG_1055 IMG_1056

IMG_1058 IMG_1052

Isn’t Jannie’s dog cute?

This is the pattern for the feathered star quilt:


After show and tell we did some hand quilting. As you may guess lots of quilts are slowly being quilted while we talk. It always amazes me how much we talk. Some of us will most likely complete their projects soon and are ready to start with a new project. Others are a little slower, as the quilts they are making are huge. And, lets not forget that hand quilting is tedious work. And, it doesn't matter how much or little progress we are making, as long as we are enjoying ourselves. 

Some of our works are pretty impressive. Thanks to Aagje we are becoming very skilled quilters.

Last week I went to the annual quilting show in Arnhem.  Sadly there were hardly any handmade quilts displayed. To be truthful, there were hardly any real quilts being displayed. It seems that the Dutch Quilt Guild is going for the modern abstract stuff. Like these:


Some would call this quilting but I would say this is art of another kind. The guild seems to have a preference for this kind of art but I think this has nothing to do with quilting and I presume that there are lots of others who share my opinion. I prefer the traditional stuff.  I hope to see more traditional quilts next year at the 26th quilt exhibition.

One day to go!

My week off is nearly officially over. I have one more day to go. As you have noticed, I’ve also taken a week off blogging. I did say no computers, no mail, no meetings etc.

But I couldn’t resist temptation, so I thought I would do some catching up.

Last Thursday I got these flowers. I love them. Here is a picture of them straight after I put them in the vase.


And here they are early Friday morning.