Sunday, 17 August 2008

I’m a winner!!

I was reading all your postings on Bloglines this afternoon when I finally came to one of the last blogs and I saw this:  my comment that I had left behind last Thursday.


I’m was one of the 3 winners who will receive the Orchard Cottage pattern complete with iron on transfer plus the ‘embossed’ fabric that Cath used on the original.

I gather Cath stirred well.

orchard mix 

This is what the pattern looks like. 

 stitchery Orchard Cottage

Doesn’t it look fantastic? I made a copy of the photo she used on her blog, I hope she won’t mind. Anyway, all I had to do for this give-away was to leave a comment on her blog, naming a colour that you can eat. I thought of LIME. You can use limes to make lime juice or when making a thai-dish.  I think lime DMC will look lovely in this stitchery pattern.

Well, this makes my day. Thanks, Cath.

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cathy said...

Hi Helen - happy to share the pics and THANKYOU for posting about it. I am so pleased that you are obviously thrilled about it - that makes my day!
Best wishes always Cathy xo