Friday, 29 August 2008

Another Quilting Bee

Yesterday was the last summer Bee! The Bee was held at Yvon’s house. She lives on a farm and as I was a little early (as usual) I was allowed to inspect the new calves. Two were in the field and one was still in the shed as it was born last night (by caesarian). I also had to take a picture of the geese. Before I knew it, it was time to go inside. The others had arrived.


IMG_0902 IMG_0898

As usual we had some nice cakes and biscuits, coffee and bonbons (chocolates).  We did a lot of catching-up, as some of us have been on holidays and others hadn’t seen each other for 14 days!


Again, I have some beautiful works to show you. 

IMG_0907 IMG_0909

IMG_0910 IMG_0913

IMG_0916 IMG_0917

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