Wednesday, 2 July 2008


I didn’t expect that. One of the writer of ''around the quilt frame'', Ami Simms, left a comment. How she found my blog I don’t know but I was really trilled when I saw her comment. Hasn’t the world become smaller through blogging? It is strange to live in the Netherlands but still be able to meet up with so many quilters throughout the world.
I would love to know who else reads my blog. Please leave a comment to say hi.

Enjoy your day, Helen


supergoof said...


Karol-Ann said...

Hi, I do. But do you still read mine? LOL

Sølvi said...

I read your blog on regular basis - from the middle of Norway

Nana's Quilts said...

And we have shared a few comments - from western U.S. to you over there.

We had thunder and lightening all night, last night, but we're hoping that it will stop and clear up. Tomorrow is an American holiday, so we are off camping.

(Seattle, Washington)

Jackie said...

Hi Helen, How cool is that to have Ami Simms comment about her own book?! I may have to check that book out it sounds great. I did just pick up a book by Lisa Boyer called Stash Envy. I can't wait to read it while on vacation.

corry said...

Hallo Helen! Dat klinkt als een mooi ik eens opzoeken op amazon. Wat leuk dat de schrijfster een reactie achter laat, de wereld wordt inderdaad kleiner door bloggen!