Saturday, 12 July 2008

Staphorst & Westfalen fabrics

Guess what I did this afternoon? I went to Staphorst to buy fabric for the shaggy quilt I want to make. I also found some beautiful fabric for the Advent Calendar. As you can see Charlie is being a little nosy. She wants to know what is in the bag.

Charlie also wanted to inspect the fabric.

These fabrics I’ll use for the shaggy quilt.

These one’s will be used for the Advent Calender.

As you can see it is always wise to wash your fabrics before using them. Look at the red water!
I’m quick!! Here they are hanging to dry. Tomorrow I will iron them.
Naturally I found a new gadget, which I couldn’t resist buying. I can thread my needles and keep them nice and tidy till I use them for quilting.

I did all this in 5 hours. I left for Staphorst at 1 pm, got back at 5.30 pm and the fabric was washed and hanging by 7 pm. I am quick aren’t I??

Enjoy your weekend, Helen


Karol-Ann said...

Another gadget *LOL*!
You are very efficient. I really wish I could have gone to Germany this year to see my friend (and buy some Westfalen Stoffe... maybe next year :-(

Ruth's Place said...

Beautiful fabrics! I've never seen a gadget like the one you bought before.