Sunday, 27 July 2008

A post about the weather, how Dutch!

Last weekend I made good use of the cold and rainy weather and made a shaggy quilt. Our summer has been a little wet and cold so far, but since last Wednesday summer has arrived. However, I don’t like this humid weather we are having at the moment. It is just too humid to do anything. I’m being very lazy and slow today. Although I did sit in the garden (sun) a little while to give me a little more colour (tan).

And tomorrow, the temperature and humidity will rise even more. Look at this weather forecast. I’m glad I’ll be at the office tomorrow.

Those who live in the Netherlands know it is pretty hard to predict the weather, especially a day ahead. The weather can change pretty quickly. Last week it was so cold that I put the heater on as it was about 11 degrees Celsius. Today it is about 30 degrees outside in the garden. The blinds are down, the shutters closed …. The body has hardly any chance to adjust. But it is doing its best .
I’m going to do some ironing now!!


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