Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Compensation?, compensating? Or just enjoying myself..

The last couple of weeks I’ve made some long hours at the office. Lots of research proposals had to be written! But today I have got the whole day to myself. So far I’m enjoying myself tremendously. I’ve done some ironing, I’ve sewn the hem of my skirt (this has been laying in the sewing pile for a long time, since last summer!) and I washed my shaggy quilt.
I guess it is finally time to put it in the dryer. According to Kathy Lamancusa: ‘Thin batting gives a quilt an older, antique look’ (guess what I used) and to fluff batting ‘put it in the dryer for a few minutes to increase its volume’. Can’t wait to see the effect! Naturally I will post a picture later on.
I’ve also been reading some blogs and left some messages. Naturally I couldn’t resist searching for some of the patterns that you have posted. I even made an inquiry at an online quilt shop. All this I’ve done in my pyjamas. Well better go down stairs and put the shaggy quilt in the dryer and get dressed.

Have a great day and smile!


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