Sunday, 6 July 2008

Birthdays, cars, naps and ...

Hubby is away for the day and I have the whole house to myself. Hubby and Adri (man in tree) had to try out the Mini Cooper on the Nurburgring. While I’m typing up this post, I’m sure they will have done some rounds already. I'm sure the weather isn't too impressive over there, according to the German weather forecast, the ‘Aktuelle Wetterlage’ is cloudy and 17 degrees.
I first cleaned upstairs and once that was done I thought I would do some sun baking and relaxing in the garden. Sadly, after putting on my bathing suit the sun disappeared. Back inside, I decided to have a little nap (no one has to know ).
After getting up, I decided to try out Google Reader. According to some of you bloggers it is better then Bloglines. I haven’t made up my mind yet. But first impressions, I think I prefer Bloglines.
I’m really slacking; I haven’t done much quilting on Zoë’s quilt the last couple of days (this is mainly due to the long working hours last week). I’ll use this afternoon to catch up.

Friday it was my nieces’ birthday, she turned four. (Zoë is the girl on the right in the photo). She will be going to kindy half of August. My goal was to finish her quilt this month, but it isn’t finished yet. I’m sure I’ll finish it this summer!! But it is really tedious work hand quilting (I know, I’m trying to find excuses). Yesterday, we went up north for a visit and to celebrate her birthday. This was her birthday cake.

Happy quilting, Helen

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