Sunday, 29 June 2008

Relaxation, fast cars and .....

It is Sunday and my goal was to relax today. But last Friday I knew I wouldn’t be able to achieve my goal. For we have to deliver a report coming Tuesday and we haven’t finished writing up our conclusions. So guess what I did this morning, yes, writing.

But I wanted you to see my new little relaxation spot. We have finally decided where the chair swing will stand coming months. Eventually it will go to the pergola, which stands in the centre of our garden, but we will first have to do some readjustments of the pergola, so that it can hold the chair swing.

I bought some cushions yesterday to make the swing more comfy to sit in. They are lime green and white. They look pretty, although you can’t see much of them in the picture. I should have made some cushions myself, as there are some beautiful patterns out there, but I just don’t have the time to sew them at the moment. And, I wanted instant gratification!!

Hubby has got hold of a very fast Mini Cooper. He allowed me to have a test drive. I usually like driving, and boy do I drive a lot (about 45000 kilometres per year), but do you see me concentrating? I’ve got my tong stuck between my lips!!

This car handles completely different to all the cars I have driven. Before you know it you accelerate away, when changing gears. For those who are interested in cars, it is a MINI Cooper S with the John Cooper Works GP Kit. It is a mini racing car. Is that why it handles differently to normal cars?? The nice thing about driving this car is that you do appreciate your own car more.

I’m now going downstairs to relax and do some quilting.

Take care, Helen

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