Sunday, 15 June 2008

Quilting news

Last Thursday we had our fortnightly quilting bee. There were only a few of us. Matty was unable to come as she’s still recovering from her operation. Marja was celebrating her daughter’s graduation. Mirjam had to work and where the two other quilters were, we don’t know. We will find out in a fortnights time. So who did make it? Tonny, Joke, Janny and myself.
Tonny has nearly finished her Sue Bonnet quilt top. Doesn’t it look great?

Joke has been working on het compasses.
First the blocks were meant to become a pillow, then a fold-away to store quilt blocks, and now it is meant to become a table runner. So who knows what she will decide next time. But anyway, the compasses look great and please admire her tinny winy centre compass, isn’t it neat?

Joke has also nearly finished stitching ‘weeding the garden’ from The Garden Journal. This is one of the beautiful stitcheries that Anni Downs has designed.

Janny has completed quilting one of her compass blocks. This table runner is becoming a beauty.

I am still quilting away on Zoë’s quilt. Here is Zoë’s quilt in progress. The quilt looks really nice next to this huge flower pot.
My PIL left this behind after visiting our house during our holidays. They have been busy bees as this wasn’t the only thing they left behind. They also left a beautiful neat garden behind. They did some necessary maintenance, which we kept on putting off.
In the next picture you see a close-up of my quilting. And, in this picture you see the watch I got as a present from Hubby. It is pretty pink.

The last bit of quilting news, is that I received a sweet little flower basket stitchery design from Cath. I haven’t started on this stitchery, but I will soon.
By the way isn’t this stamp beautiful?
I couldn’t contain myself and had to make a close-up with my new camera.

Happy Quilting, Helen


Ruth said...

Your hand quilting looks great! I love the stamp :)

Nana's Quilts said...

Everyone in the group is doing great work. And, yes, those compasses are pretty amazing. It takes so much patience.

Good quilting,