Sunday, 15 June 2008

New Iron

When we got home from Wales I naturally had to do some washing and ironing. When I plugged in the iron Friday morning, I blew the fuse and the whole house was without electricity. In first instance I didn’t think it was the iron, but when we tried a second time, again we blew the fuse. So off we went to buy us a new iron. After some internet searching we found the iron I wanted. We ordered it online and picked it up yesterday. Here is me ironing away with my new Philips GC8220 iron.

It is a pressurised ironing system which produces non-stop steam to make my ironing easier .
I am actually glad my old iron broke . This is great.

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Jackie said...

I hope that Matty is feeling better. Although, I am sure the flowers cheered her up. I love your new swing chair. What fun to sit outside on a gorgeous day and just soak in the sun with a book or stitchery. I am sorry about the fuse and no electricity, but on the bright side you were able to get a brand new iron, how cool(hot) is that?