Sunday, 1 June 2008

More unnecessary sewing accessories

Yesterday at the Quilt day market (at my LQS) I bought myself a packet of Betweens/Quilting needles, size 12, from Piecemakers. I also saw this lovely little ‘kritter’ case from Clover.
Yes, I got myself Hippy the Hippo and that was not all, I also go myself some new sewing scissors. Hippy the Hippo will come along with me to Wales. Everything I need for quilting Zoë’s quilt fits in this case.

To show how small size 12 is, I asked Hubby to take a close-up.

The length of this small needle is about 22 cm and it is really thin. Luckily, I have the desk needle threader (also from Clover). This also fits in the hippo.
I think I need a pedicure after seeing my fingers close-up. I must admit quilting with this size 12 needle does improve my quilting.

Pretty impressive the even stitching even if I do say so. Here is me quilting away.

I'm not the only one that likes this quilt. Charlie (the cat) really likes it too.


Christine said...

Your hand quilting looks great and Charlie obviously approves. Not seen one of those Hippos before - looks very handy. Enjoy your time in Wales. Sounds lovely

Karol-Ann said...

I'm pleased to see you enjoying your handquilting more. Lovely handy Hippo!
Enjoy your trip to Wales. Next time Yorkshire?

Ruth said...

The hand quilting looks fabulous! Have a safe trip.