Saturday, 28 June 2008

another get-together

I wish I could say it was mine.

Isn’t it a beauty? Tonny, has been working on this Round Robin for about two years, and last week she sandwiched the layers. The back side is really nice as well. She used a checked red fabric. Sorry, but I can’t show how it looked as I didn’t make a picture of the back.
Here are all the ladies.
This time we met up at Janny’s home. As it was a beautiful evening we were able to sit outside. I love summer, the long evenings, gives you this feeling that the day is longer then is actually is. Last weekend was the longest day, it co-insides with the start of the summer. In the northern hemisphere, in the Netherlands, the sunrises around 4.30 am and it sets around 10.30 pm during the summer. With so much light who wouldn't enjoy the summer.

Have fun, Helen

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