Friday, 30 May 2008


We are going to the north of Wales in a couple of days. Besides sightseeing, I hope to find some time to rest, to quilt, and to read.

Grotere kaart weergeven

We are staying at a B&B near Bala. Which is just outside the Snowdonia National Park. The countdown has begun. Can't wait to meet up with our friends.

But first I will go and visit our LQS. I definitely need to buy some new quilting needles. According to my quilting buddies I have been using the wrong size!! I need to use smaller ones (size 12). After some practise yesterday evening I must admit that the stitches do turn out even nicer.


Signature in template post

Drum rol please...... After some help from Hubby this is the result. I would have preferred another font but Blogger just won't work with me. If anyone out there knows how I can edit HTML in the ''template post'' and change the font, please e-mail me.


PS - this is what I would like it to look like


Another attempt at getting the signature right

As you can see I didn't get it quite right. See first attempt underneath. You can hardly read my signature in this post. Tried different things, but I give up. I'll ask Hubby what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks to ChookyBlue I now have a signature underneath every post. It is pretty easy to make. All in all it took me about 15 minutes. Had to make some HTML changes, and as I don't understand this language I had to try out some codes before I got it right. I had some difficulties in getting the italics in one go and getting it aligned to the left. Let me know if you want to make one for your blog, I'll try to help you, or consult ChookyBlue as I did.


Another get together

See the lovely projects that are growing into some real beauties.

Show and tell is one of the important parts of our Bee.

Guess what the postman delivered

Love these flowers

New camera

I've got myself a new compact camera. I'm able to save 1000 photo's on this little camera before I have to download them to my computer. My old camera could only safe 50 photos!! Coming vacation nothing can go wrong, or can they?
Well anyway, I'll at least have lots of pictures to show you of my adventures.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Another phase

Today Tonny and I sandwiched Zoë's quilt. As you can see we put this Sunday to good use.
I left the quilt on the love seat to go to the toilet when I got home. Guess who quickly confiscated it? I guess Charlie (the cat) likes it too.
Naturally I had to take a picture of the nearly finished product. Again it is a big quilt (180 x 160 cm). It is bigger than me! Yes, it is me behind the quilt.
I can start quilting now!!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Work has been interfering with my quilting time. At the moment work is taking over my life. (that is why I haven’t been blogging and quilting). I enjoy my work but this is getting out of hand. All my projects are approaching their deadline at the same time. For one big project the planning had to be revised and as I expected (predicted) some of us will continue working throughout July, August and September. I don’t think there it much time to catch our breath. The balance is gone and our brains are working fulltime. I need to fix this quickly before I and my co-workers burn-out. I do realize that by cramming too much into my days, and working hard, I’m racing toward bad (mental) health.

All work and no play makes Helen a dull girl. I need to start scheduling relaxation time. Tomorrow I’m talking with my boss!

One of my goals is not to let work interfere with my weekends, sadly the last couple of weeks I’ve let this slide. Today, however, I will work on Zoë’s quilt. Again Tonny is helping me. Today we are going to sandwich the quilt. Hopefully tonight I can show you the result.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Another top finished

The top of Zoë’s quilt is finished. I only have to sandwich it and start with the quilting :)
This week I’ll buy the fabric for the backing and the cotton batting. The back will be bright red. My sister used the colours red and orange as the primary colours in Zoë's bedroom. Very bold, but it looks great. This quilt as many know is meant for my little niece and will end up in her room. That is why I choose Kasse Fasset fabrics. He uses bright and bold colours.
For the quilting I’ll use red quilting thread. I can’t wait to see this finished project. I hope you enjoy seeing this work in progress.

In this photo you see me and Charlie (the cat) admiring the top. I’m still in my PJs. I started earlier this morning, really wanted to finish the top this weekend. I’ve got the whole afternoon for myself now! What will I do?


For those who are looking for new projects, please visit the blog of Sew and Sox. She listed some references to tutorials from other blogs. Have a look and happy quilting.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Zoë's quilt

Tonny and I worked on Zoë's quilt today.

The top is nearly finished!!

A change of venue

Last Thursday we had our Bee-night again. This time it was at Yvonne's place. We had a lovely evening. The sun was shining, the temperature was around 20 degrees and so we were able to sit semi-outside (the french windows were open). We worked on our stitcheries as it was too hot to sit underneath our quilts! We also had some show and tell. Yvonne showed all her projects, as you can see in this slideshow.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Liberation Day

…is celebrated each year on May 5th in the Netherlands to mark the end of the German occupation during the Second World War.
The nation was liberated largely by Canadian troops. On May 5, 1945, the Canadian General Charles Foulkes and the German Commander-in-Chief Johannes Blaskowitz reached an oral agreement on the capitulation of Germany in Hotel De Wereld in Wageningen.

Yesterday evening, on May 4th, the Dutch remember the people who have fought for and died during World War II. Throughout the country two minutes of silence was held at 8 p.m.


A quick visit to Paris. I was only there for 36 hours! But boy did I do a lot.
Friday evening we arrived in Paris. Found the hotel quickly. After booking in we took the long way to the Eiffel tower. Passed the Hotel des Invalides and the ecole militaire. Walked through the Champ de Mars and admired the Eiffel tower. We took the metro back to the hotel and had a late supper. Saturday morning I woke up early and had a lovely breakfast all by myself. Everyone was still sleeping I suppose. At 8.30 am got a taxi and drove to Porte Maillot where the Palais des Congres is situated. Learned some new facts and gave a presentation. At 12.30 I walked from the congress centrum to the Arc de Triomphe and met up with mum and MIL. From there we went back to the hotel so that I could change into some more practical clothes (yes, I was wearing a skirt and jacket and high heels). In the afternoon we had a quick look at La Fayette, the big famous shopping mall. Boy was it busy and the prices, lets not mention that. Across the road we admired the place de L’Opera. We then continued our journey, walk, in search of the Sacré Coeur. It always amazes me how many people have the same intention. It was packed with people; we could hardly see anything and it was even more difficult getting through the crowd. As it was all very strenuous we caught the metro back to the hotel and had a good little rest. In the evening we had a nice diner in a France restaurant across the road from the hotel.
Sunday morning after a lovely breakfast we packed up our bags and left for a long drive back to the Netherlands.
Sights that I missed but mum and MIL visited: Musee du Louvre, Seine, Place de la Concorde, Grand Palais and avenue Des Champs Elysees. From what I understood, they also sat on a bench for a while enjoying de views and sun.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Rijswijk - Quilt Show

A little late but here is an impression of our trip to Rijswijk last month. Or to be more precise on the 29th of March 2008. As you can see we saw some beautiful quilts. We even found Caroline's Star Quilt. Sadly, the focus of this quilt show is on modern quilts, while I prefer the more traditional quilts.

Have a look

Love the way Susan Branch presents herself. Great website. Have a look!