Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Zoë's quilt

It has been some time since I worked on Zoë’s quilt. I thought sewing a quilt with the machine would enable me to finish a quilt top quicker. How wrong I was. The quilt has turned into a UFO!! It has been laying in one of the boxes for more than a year. Quilting with a sewing machine is definitely not my thing. To get the corners and points just right is so tedious work. Making the windmills takes me forever. Why did I decide to make them!! I definitely think hand quilting enables you to be more precise. (Preciseness is important to me.)
But my sister keeps on nagging me ‘when will you finish the quilt?’. According to her, the rate I’m going, Zoë will have out grown her bed and I’ll have to make this quilt even bigger. I definitely don’t want to do that!!
Well I can’t walk away from a challenge, so here I go again. Only this time I’ve called in the troops to help me. Tonny offered to help me. And she definitely doesn’t walk away from a challenge. She has so many beautiful WIP’s and finished quilts. According to her we will finish the top in a day. In two weeks time, you will find us sewing away behind our machines. Hubby is going to the Nurburgring, so we have the house to ourselves.
I’ve thought of everything. Yesterday I went to Carol Cox to buy some more Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Don’t they look colourful?
Now I only have to decide whether I will quilt it with the sewing machine, quilt it by hand or send it of to be quilted. What should I do?
Hand quilting will take some time, but the quilt will feel softer and it is more personal. Sending it away will enable me to finish it before the 4th of July, which is Zoë’s birthday. Decisions, it is so hard to decide, as I have too many choices.

Today our Queen is celebrating her birthday, so I’m off to do all those things you do when you have a day off. Catch up with you later.


Sweet P said...

Those fabrics are yummy! The quilt will be lovely.

Jackie said...

Hi Helen, I find that when you are used to doing something a certain way and your good at it, you tend to be more comfortable and efficient. So therefore, I can understand how you feel about machine quilting. Although, I have never quilted by hand, I think that I would find it very slow going for me. I do love the fabrics that you have chosen for the quilt and it will be treasured for all time. How great is that to have a friend helping you?? I can't wait to see it complete.

Anonymous said...


I came to the quilt show in Rijsvik
in March with my re claimed fabrics
"worn and washed fabrics"

someone has told me that there are pictures on message boards, I would love to see them
have you the web addresses of any groups in the area,
I would love to hear back from you

worn and washed
e mail

Ruth said...

I love those colours! The quilt is going to be fabulous. If it was me, I'd send it out to be quilted.