Sunday, 16 March 2008

week 11 2008

Very uneventful week except for the weather alarm we had and the quilting bee last Thursday.

There was a storm brewing but at hindsight I think the weather alarm had more affect than the storm itself. At a certain point the wind was really blowing but to say that it hindered lots of people or disturb our nature, I have to say we weren’t much affected. Still it is always pretty exciting when you hear there is a storm coming.

Thursday we had our bee again. Nearly everyone was there, except Matty and Jacqueline.
It was at Marja’s house this time. As Tonny and I were a little early Marja showed us all here finished projects. I’ve made another slide slow for you to enjoy.

Tonny has been busy as well. Her ‘Holly Hobby 12-month quilt’ is coming along nicely. She found another bee, so she can work on this quilt. She is so lucky to have some more free time. As she usually only works night shifts, she has some extra time off throughout the week. And during the night shifts, she is able to do a lot of quilting as well. Am I a little jealous? Sadly I can’t take my hobby to work.
Tonny as usual couldn’t contain herself. In the last fortnight she has made a quilted and pocketed pouch that rolls up and a pouch where you can put in your cotton spools and other sewing essentials.

Janny’s Star quilt is coming along nicely. She did hers with pink and purple fabrics. She is a little further along than I am as you can see, she is quilting her top.
Coming Friday I’m going to sandwich my quilt and will be finally able to start quilting as well. Last Thursday I continued working on my compass quilt. The windows are now sewn on!

Last Thursday I have to admit my work and hobby did meet. After giving a presentation I happened to come across this hand-stitch and quilt exposition in Vorden. The name of this exposition was ‘The power of quilts’. It looked great. I popped my head through the door to have a quick peek. Sadly I had no time to have a good look, as I had another meeting in Amsterdam. Otherwise I would definitely have bought a ticket to view the works a little closer. Luckily I will be going to Rijswijk on the 29th of March. The 5th annual ‘Patchwork & Quilt days’ show will then be held.

Yesterday, Saturday, it was great weather, not like today, rain, rain, and more rain. But still this is good for the garden. Yesterday we planted some shrubs to hide the fence. In another year they will have grown to the size I want. Slowly the backyard is turning into a garden I like. I prefer it a little greener as I would like to hide the fact we live in suburbia. One day I hope to live in a more rural area.

Oeps, as the week was so uneventful I didn’t work on my 365 challenge quilt. I made no notations in my journal. I’ll have to do a memory search to fill in the gaps.

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Jackie said...

I loved the slide show. You belong to a talented group of quilters. You all do beautiful work. Oh how I am still longing for our back yard to be green with Spring!! Yours looks lovely!