Sunday, 23 March 2008

The star quilt is sandwiched!!

In 7 ½ hours we sandwiched the whole quilt! I’m so impressed. The only thing that is a little sore is my finger. I hope the others don’t have any aches or pains.
I’m also really glad that I had some help. Marja, Matty and Tonny really did a terrific job. We first laid out the quilt on Thursday evening, getting lots of help and instructions from Aagje, our quilt teacher. Friday morning we were able to start off straightaway. I had a basket full of goodies and Marja had a can of coffee with her. As we hadn’t expected that we would be able to get coffee and tea in the quilt cellar. How wrong we were. Riek, the owner of the LQS had made us some coffee and tea.
Boy, are we having some bad weather today. Luckily we didn’t notice, working in a cellar.
Around lunch we had sandwiched the first half. As the shop closed between 12.30 am en 1.30 pm, we found a nice little restaurant to have some soup. We were not dressed for this little excursion; it was pretty cold and wet. Yes, it was snowing. Can you believe this? Today being the first day of spring, I really hadn’t expected any snow. The soup warmed us up and before we knew it was 1.30 pm. As Matty had another appointment, the three of us continued with the other half of the quilt.

I’ve had some mishaps with this quilt. I somehow never buy enough fabric. So before laying out the other half, I had to sew some extra fabric onto the backing. This was a relatively easy job. We then stretched the backing onto the table and then stretched the cotton batting and last but not least we stretched the quilt top on top of these layers.
As you can see in the photos it wasn’t always easy sandwiching the quilt. Luckily Tonny and Marja still have very flexible bodies. As you can see they sat on the table to do some of the sandwiching. Not an easy position to be in, but they didn’t seem to be bothered.
After a long day I can say it is finished. And doesn’t it look good?


Jackie said...

Terrific!! It is always great to have help. Now onto the finishing, quilting. I can not wait to see how you decide to quilt this beauty! Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Hoi Helen,
Het is weer een mooie slide-show.Het geeft een goede indruk van een drukke, maar leuke dag. Rug en benen zijn inderdaad nog aardig flexibel, maar oh wee, die vingertoppen hè? Ik ben bang dat ik weinig kan quilten het weekend, maar ik heb het met plezier gedaan. Fijne Pasen, Marja

Christine said...

Glad you got your quilt basted. Now you can quilt it. You were lucky to have some helpers. Your slide show is very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Time to quilt .... this summer. bye bye caroline

Karol-Ann said...

Wow! What a big job. You are so lucky to have had help. Great photos too!