Sunday, 9 March 2008

Not much has been happening

Last week was a very uneventful week with regard to quilting! So there is not much to write about! But as some people I know get concerned and have withdrawal symptoms, I thought I would make an attempt to write something.

Friday I went to the LQS and bought the fabric for the backing of my Star quilt. After contemplating on which colour to use I chose black. It is not very original I must say, but as not many people will see the back side I think I made a wise choice. This way you will also see the quilting, as I’m thinking of quilting the Star quilt with the colours that are in the top. I won’t be quilting with black or white thread. I also bought the cotton batting.
When I got home I washed the black fabric (this morning I ironed it). I won’t wash the cotton batting as I like the antique look that appears once the quilt is washed. On Good Friday I will be sandwiching the quilt with some of my quilt buddies. I’m kind of hoping we will get it done in one day.

Yesterday I went shopping with my mum. Yes, I went to Germany again. It was a three hour drive up to Leer. I bought some white jeans. You must think it is a little strange to drive all the way to Leer for some jeans. Well the reason is this shop has jeans in their range that actually fits me just right. I don’t have to make any modifications because of my big but and thighs and small waist. Sadly I have this very feminine shaped body, which lots of designers don’t cater for. I also bought a nice pastel coloured summer jumper and a blue t-shirt.
As the pink trousers turned out very well, I’m thinking of sewing another pair and maybe even try my hand at making a skirt. My LQS has some beautiful summer fabrics for cloth making.

Last Thursday I went to a congress. One of the speakers was very inspirational. Social sciences and health psychology is an interesting field indeed. Qualitative research is also very interesting. It is always interesting to ask ourselves what counts as evidence and is this research true for me, in my setting? I think I should call myself a researcher as I like to search or investigate things exhaustively. Besides social sciences and health psychology I have some interest in quilting (lol). I really love books on quilt history.
As I didn’t want to bother with traffic congestion early in the morning I booked a hotel for Wednesday night. My colleague and I drove down to Veldhoven after work. We built up our stand (for promotional purposes) and then went to our rooms for a good sleep. Sadly I never sleep that well the first night in a strange bed. But I did wake up well rested and even had a sleep in. The alarm didn’t go off till 6.30 am (normally I wake up at 5.30 am).

Coming week I’m going to finish piecing the last corner of my star quilt top. And maybe even continue with my Compass quilt.
Love is being...

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