Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Easter Monday

This is what we woke up to. It really snowed.

We are having a white easter. Can you believe this? I mean it is spring!! Maybe we should change the tekst of ''I'm dreaming of a white....Easter.'' We don't have that many white Christmases over here in the Netherlands. We do however have white Easters
Tuesday we got more snow. While nearly all of Holland was confronted with long traffic jams (more than 840 km) I was able to travel north as I had to give a presentation. On the otherside of the road everyone was standing still all the way to Meppel. Boy was I happy that I didn't have to go the office.
On the way back I however was hit by a small snow storm. It was pretty scary, as everyone hit the brakes. Luckily no mishaps like crashes.


Jackie said...

Now I know that we aren't the only one's with snow. We are due for some more on Friday...Yikes!! I am glad you made it home safely and you can rest assured that spring IS on the way!!

Manuela said...

That is become a very beautiful blog and I now more often past show.