Sunday, 2 March 2008

Den Haag

The whole group, with the exception of Jacqueline, went to Den Haag. We visited Caroline in her new place of residence. We met up at our LQS and drove to Den Haag. This is a 90 minute drive. For those living in the Netherlands, this is a long drive. For those who have never been to the Netherlands we have covered about half of this country. From east to west it is a 3 hour drive and from north to south is about 4 1/2 hour drive. Now you know how small Holland is!!
When we arrived at Caroline’s we were welcomed with some coffee and cake. According to Caroline this was low cal and healthy cake (lol). Since when are cakes low cal???
She has this beautiful quilt room (annex, dining room). We had a little show and tell. We also did some catching up as we hadn’t seen Caroline for some time. But last not least, we all had a look in the magazines Caroline had got from a friend who lives in the states. Why are our quilt magazines so expensive, why do we have so few?
By the way, did you know that Caroline is going to Seattle in the fall? Isn’t she lucky? Visiting all these quilting malls! I don’t even want to think about what she will be taking back to the Netherlands.
We walked into town. Our first stop was her new LQS (the Quilters Palet). It is funny when people recognize you from your blog. Evy has a great quilt shop. Too bad it isn’t around the corner. She had some nice quilts on display. After our rather long visit, hopefully Evy didn’t mind that we nearly took the shop over; we continued our walk to the bookstore.
Naturally we first had some lunch. Some of us bought some quilt books at the bookstore. That was our main aim, but I bought a book on coffee (the history of coffee). After visiting the bookstore we walked to the tram. At a certain point we were lost (only for a couple of minutes). Caroline doesn’t know Den Haag that well yet! But we found the tram. The tram took us back home to Caroline's place.
After a great day, although we did no quilting, we all went home. I was pretty tired but very content.

See the slideshow of our day out...


Anonymous said...

Hallo Helen,
Het mag dan wat problemen hebben gegeven om een slide show in elkaar te zetten, maar het resultaat mag er zijn! Het geeft een mooie indruk van een gezellige dag.
Groetjes, Marja

Annemariesquilt said...

Loved this post and it was "a film".Thanks for sharing...