Sunday, 24 February 2008


My eyes are itching, my ears are itching and my throat is itching. I definitely think spring is coming, as every year this itchy feeling returns, especially early in the mornings. Yes, I’m a little allergic to trees. The tree pollen season has started. For nature this is a good thing, pollination is (sadly) critical for trees to reproduce, for me this means I will have this itch for the next couple of weeks, at least till April. Lucky me, I only have a springtime allergy.

Last Thursday we had our once monthly quilt class. I showed my Star quilt and everyone was very impressed.

However when I showed my teacher the quilt top a very observant quilter saw a little mistake in one of the star blocks. Luckily you are allowed a mistake in such a big quilt (lol). Can you see it?

As quoted ‘the three feet rule: if a mistake is not visible from three feet away, don’t worry about it as it’s unlikely to be noticed’ Estelle Langslow, one of the Readers Tips in the Australian Country Threads (February issue). I’m going to take her advice; I’m not going to fix the mistake of this block.

Here are some pictures of works from two other quilters in my class. These are the compass blocks that Janny and Joke made.

This is the Christmas Star quilt of Marja.

We have some new pupils in our class: Mirjam and Tineke. Mirjam is a close friend of mine and has joined our group. Our teacher Aagje invited Tineke to join. The first picture is of Tineke and Aagje. Tineke is showing her project. The purple and green quilt is Mirjam's project.
Both are very welcome new members (additions to our class). Naturally we miss those that have left the group, but we see them when we have our bee. Coming Saturday we are going to Caroline in Den Haag. We have a get together planned. She is going to show us her new city of residence, her LQS and local quilt bookshop. We might even have some time to do some quilting or stitchery.

By the way, I finished reading ‘the quilter’s homecoming’ (by Jennifer Chiaverini) last night.


Anne Marie said...

This is my philosophy on mistakes! I greatly admire the Amish, and not just for their quilting but for the way they live their lives. Someone, I don't remember who, told a story about how Amish women place a mistake in every quilt in order to keep them humble. Since I am famous for turning blocks or sewing pieces in the wrong order, I live by the Amish way of thinking, perfection isn't everything it is made out to be LOL!!!! Your quilt is beautiful, I love it!

Jackie said...

I love the 3 feet rule. This is the first I have heard of it, and you can bet I will continue to use it. I cannot see the mistake. It looks absolutely gorgeous to me!!

Kathie said...

your quilt is just beautiful!
wow you must be so proud of yourself.
I wouldn't change the mistake either! I love the Christmas star quilt too.
Oh it is beautiful.
Is it from a pattern?