Sunday, 3 February 2008

Sad time

Sometimes deciding to let go, is the hardest decision of all. But letting go is sometimes easier for those who are between heaven and earth.

I hear a voice it's calling
It's time for me to go,
Just which road i'm travelling
I guess i just don't know.

I have no fear of shadows
or what perhaps i'll find,
My sadness is for those I love
that I must leave behind.

He tell me that he loves me so
and this I realise,
I see his heart is breaking
when I look into his eyes.

You've given me much more my love
then ever I deserve,
I've loved you with all my heart
held nothing in reserve.

To you my darling children
I thank you for your love
I'll be watching over you ,
when I'm with god above.

Please recall my darlings
the good times not the bad,
Use your love for comforting
when ever you feel sad.

To all the many friends I've known
I thank you one and all,
Please give comfort to the ones
that I love most of all.

Now a voice is calling me
and soon I shall depart,
To you all I wish to give
all the love that's in my heart.

I'm praying that a family member will pass away soon. He has been in coma now for about 5 weeks. It has been diagnosed that he is clinically brain dead. I'm sure he would prefer to be in heaven. It is time to say good bye.

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Ruth's Place said...

So sorry Helen, sending a big hug to you.