Sunday, 3 February 2008

Research proposal!

Well I have been working as I mentioned in an earlier blog. I finished the first version of the proposal and I have sent it to a colleague. Tomorrow we will continue working on it, revising and making corrections. Wednesday it will be sent to a client. Hopefully he will like our proposal and not find it too expensive.
So this is how I spent my saturday and sunday. Thinking, thinking and writing my ideas down.

Last week I quickly popped into this store and bought these ..

Do you like them? I think they look very neat on our sideboard in the hallway.
The orchids I usually have standing on our dining table have withered away and needed to be replaced. I bought this huge pot with this plant. I think it looks pretty good. In the background you see part of our garden. It is really winter here, but slowly you can see things starting to grow.

Here you see some little snowdrops trying to make an effort. I also planted grape hyacinth
(= Muscari botryoides) and white narcissusses.

Yesterday and today I spent most of my time in my study. This is how it looks. I like my study. The only thing it needs is a comfy chair (but I don't have enough room). And, to be truthfull the wires need to be worked away. What a mess underneath my desk. The table near the red wall is my quilting table. It is pretty tidy I think.

For sunday not to be a complete waste. I think I might just get started with piecing the border of my Star quilt. I hope your weekend was a little more eventfull.

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