Friday, 8 February 2008

Preview of our trip to Spain

In a couple of week, just after easter I'm going with my mum to Andalusia. As it is not around the corner we've planned to make a couple of stopovers.
The first will be in France; Fontevraud L'Abbaye, then to the north of Spain; Hondarribia (2 nights), then we will travel down south just past Madrid. Our third stopover is in Consuegra. On our fourth day travelling we will finally arrive in Andalusia. We are going to a little B&B near Malaga, Benagalbon. There we will be staying 5 nights. Hopefully it will be just as sunny as today but a little warmer.

After those 5 days we will go back slowly to the Netherlands. First we will stay in a little village near Valencia (Parcent), then we travel to Catelló d'Empúries. This is near the northern boarder of Spain. Our last night will be spend in the middle of France.

To get an impression see this map.

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Christine said...

Your trip sounds wonderful. I would love to visit Europe. Went to England and Scotland in 1990 but no overseas trips since then. Have fun and please share some photos.