Saturday, 2 February 2008


I think I need a course in time-management. Time just seems to fly by. As I was unable to finish that I had planned to do this week at work, I now have to work this weekend. I have to write a research proposal. The subject matter is great, really interesting (sorry, can’t tell you about that). Making it a little easier knowing I have to work this afternoon and maybe tomorrow.
I think this will take me away from my precious quilting time. I have planned to compensate next Friday. I will have a whole day just to quilt.

Going to the hairdressers first this morning and then do some grocery shopping. If luck has it I can work all afternoon on the research proposal.

A question for all you quilt-bloggers. Which books or quilt magazines would you advise me to read?

Before I go and get dressed I'm going to catch up with what all you guys are doing. I'm going to quickly read all your blogs ;)


Anonymous said...

Don't read, just quilt. groetjes Caroline

Jackie said...

Unfortunately, I can't help... I get them all. What great inspiration they are for me!

Anonymous said...

We get lots of magazines from the UK and USA here, but the one I keep going back to and the only one I buy regularly is Australian Patchwork and Quilting. The instructions are easy to follow (important for a beginner like me) but there are quilts in each issue that are challenging. There's a wide variety of projects and articles and it's well laid out and easy to read.

Plus it provides a little bit of home each month...

Sweet P said...

I found a book called Zen and the Art of Quilting. A great little book on the philosophy of quilting.

However, for quilting and stitchery projects, my favorite is Australian Country Threads. I find the Aussie magazines to be so much better than most of the ones in the U.S.