Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Another fortnight has passed - quilting bee time

This morning I’m able to start a little later then usual. I have to go to the dentist for my annual check up. Normally I would be already at work at this time. Now I have time to quickly write a post.
Yesterday evening we had our quilting bee. For those who read this blog regularly know that this is unusual. Normally we meet on Thursday evenings and not on Tuesday evenings. It was a small group this time, but we had a nice and productive time.
We love Quiltmania. This is the Kaleidoscope quilt that Tonny is making. If you want to know how it will turn out see the photo on the left.

Tonny, loves buying books and magazines. She even buys more then me :)
She got this months Quiltmania! Love the quilt on the front. The temptation to start on another project is huge. But I already have so many WIP's.

In the above photo you see the progress of my ''compass and house'' quilt. This house applique will be surrounded by compasses. Still have a lot to do!!
This is one of Tonny's compasses. She is making a quilt for her DH.

Another compass. Matty is using different shades of blue. This block wil look real nice, once it is finished.

Jacqueline is making progress. The color selection is a little different, but it does look great.

Look what Tonny is also making. It is not finished yet, but she will have it finished for next Christmas. She will be hanging this quilt in the hallway at Christmas time, she said.


Anonymous said...

Some lovely work, especially the compasses.

Christine said...

Your quilt with compasses and houses sounds interesting. Looks like lots of great work is happening at your quilt group. Tonny's Christmas quilt looks great.