Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Small problem for some, but a big problem for me

This evening I finished putting all the blocks together. I have 5 rows now and then I discovered this….
The two middle rows are a little too short. I’ve just mailed my quilt teacher in the hope she has some good advise how I will solve this problem. I was so proud while laying out the rows to take a picture so that you could see the result. Well the moment was short lived. I’m a little sad know. Hope that this problem can be tackled.

As you can see, at least my cat likes what I've made so far.


Anonymous said...

Hoi Helen,

Wat zonde!!
Is het op te lossen door ook donkergroene baantjes ertussen te naaien zoals bij de middelste baan?


Judith said...

Ik zat ook te denken om er sasashing tussen te naaien ter hoogte van degene in de andere banen.

Carole said...

Certainly something to be proud of! I love the colours! thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!