Thursday, 3 January 2008

Problems solved

Thank you for your concern. After posting about my little problem the solution all of a sudden popped into my head. I discussed this with my quilt teacher and she thought it was also the best solution. This morning I went to my local quilt shop and found the fabric. I’m going to replace the fabric. I’m very lucky they still had it in stock. At the moment it is being washed so that I can cut it tomorrow morning. This time I hope I’ll cut it at the right size. Tomorrow is my last day of my vacation and I’m going to put it to good use. In the afternoon a friend is coming over to quilt with me. I hope to post a picture (tomorrow) of the Star quilt with all the rows at the right length.

After visiting my local quilt shop I went to Zutphen as I didn’t buy enough fabric for my ‘365 challenge quilt’. I bought some nice light pink fabric that matches very well with the other fabrics that I bought some time ago. This will also be washed separately a little later in the evening, as I have to wait till the washing machine has finished washing the green fabric for my Star Quilt.

Don’t worry about the leftovers; I’ll be using it for the back of the quilt. This idea was given to me by one of the assistants in Petra Prins’s shop. I naturally told of my little mishap with the Star Quilt. She showed me a quilt where the quilter incorporated the leftovers in the backing. This is a nice solution for keeping your stash low.

All my problems are solved!

By the way, Petra Prins, recognized me as being one of the people who is busy with the ‘365 challenge quilt’. That put a smile on my face. Or does this mean I’m going too often to Zutphen :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Helen,
glad to hear everything is going fine!! See you this afternoon to do some quilting, and admiring your starquilt.greetings Caroline