Saturday, 19 January 2008

Feeling a little under the weather

This afternoon I had a visitor. Jacqueline came over as she had a little present for me.
Thursday she mailed me if I was home Saturday as she had a little surprise. For a surprise I will stay home any day! Well guess what I got, yes, a pincushion. I really needed an extra one as my little red pincushion hardly has any room left for my pins. It is amazing how many pins you need for the Star quilt. Here is a picture of the new additions: a little round pincushion and a Lotus pincushion. Thanks Jacqueline for making them. I really appreciate it.

I intended to make one my self but there is no need for that now. I can concentrate on finishing my Star quilt.

I’ve caught some bug again. Feel very tired, my throat hurts and sometimes feel really cold and at other moments I feel hot. I most probably have the flu again. I think I should not go to these big social events anymore, you’re likely to catch something. Last Wednesday I had to go to a New Year's reception, a work related activity. Lots of people were there, who gave me this bug?
I hope I can find the energy to start with the border sashing this evening. Although I might turn in early.


jacq said...

I did it with pleasure, I know You have so little time, to do these fun things.
graag gedaan

Sweet P said...

I hope you don't sick. Maybe you're just over tired. Your quilt is outstanding. Your sideboard is gorgeous and looks perfect in your entryway.

Christine said...

Hope you feel better Helen. Your Dutch Weather thingy says 4 degrees in Amsterdam - sounds very cold. We are in the middle of summer - usually 20 degrees or above here on the coast. I have been sewing with my niece then we're off to the beach. Bye.

Hanne said...

Speedy recovery to you.
Your star quilt is lovely!