Monday, 31 December 2007

New Year resolutions

Today it is the 31st of December and the last day of this year and I’m looking forward to 2008. I’m not good with endings, goodbyes and looking back. My focus is on the future. I like having goals and trying to aim for something. Still I have to admit reflecting is one of my better gifts. Although I use this insight to improve myself and helping others, thus my focus remains on the future and on personal growth.
I think it is quite silly that I always feel a little down, melancholy, on the days preceding the 31st. I think I would prefer skipping the end of the year. But the good thing is tomorrow it will be the 1st of January.

Kim from Kim’s Big Quilting Adventure has tempted me in voicing my New Year resolutions. Well here I go, some are quilt related and some aren’t.
- Complete my Star quilt
- Complete Zoë’s quilt
- Finish the top of my Compass quilt
- Completing the top of my 365 challenge quilt
- Finishing the top of the Kaleidoscope quilt
- Not starting any new quilt projects before finishing the above!
- Learning to work with EQ (by maybe doing a course)
- Lose the weight that I gained the last two years by exercising a little more. In my busy schedule I want to incorporate a fitness program of at least walking twice a week and rowing twice a week on the remaining days
- Do a course on process management
- Keep on blogging
- Doing only those things I really, really like doing

Well this was quite a list. I’ll let you know how I’m going at the end of March, June, September and December.

Last year I only had a short holiday to Wales. As I really missed my two weeks of doing nothing, just reading and soaking up the sun, my resolutions at the end of last September was to plan some holidays in 2008. Coming April I’ll be going to Andalusia, Spain and in June going to the north of Wales. Both holidays will be for two whole weeks and renting a little house/apartment for at least a week just to relax and do some sight seeing. Nothing is going to deter me from my plans

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Kim said...

I've always been the same way--feeling a little bit of a let down after Christmas and before the start of the new year, but this year and last year have been different. I'm not sure why except it may have to do with the fact that I'm still busy with things. Still, it's a good time for reflection and looking ahead. Your resolutions sound reasonable--especially the part about vacations! LOL! Thanks for letting me know you posted!