Saturday, 8 December 2007


For those who read my blog regularly, I’m back. I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t find the time.
What have I been up to? Last weekend I had to fulfill my godmother duties. My sister and BIL wanted to celebrate their fifth anniversary in Paris. I had to babysit my little nieces. Sadly, they didn’t mention that one of them would become ill. Little Tess really had a bad flu. She kept me up all Friday night. Saturday was a hard day to get through as I was so tired. Saturday afternoon, my other niece thought she would show me a trick. Well, that one really hurt as she fell on the back of her head. Luckily, nothing bad came of it, like a concussion. But boy can she cry. I was so happy to see my mum turn up around dinner time.
Saturday night was a little easier. I gave Tess a paracetamol suppository. She had a good night, so good I didn’t hear anything. Guess who woke up with a fright, yes little me. Went to check up on her, lucky me, she was all right. Just snoozing away. For all those parents who are reading this, yes, I’m not a mum. Sunday, had a good and fun day, even though Tess was still ill. As you can imagine, I was happy to see my mum turn up again. Babysitting a one and a three year old isn’t easy. A very tired Helen drove home late in the afternoon, after the parents had returned from their trip. After this weekend I have a little more respect for those young parents.
Monday was quality time for me. I took a day off, to catch my breath. I got a lot of sewing done. I sewed all the triangles for the Christmas tree together and started on the Advent Calendar. My working week started Tuesday.
Tuesday evening, a day before ‘Sinterklaas’, we had an unexpected visitor. Yes, Sinterklaas left me and JW a present. I got an iPod Nano. It is so small and light. A wonderful gift, that will make my working day a lot more enjoyable. Wednesday, everyone in the Netherlands celebrated Sinterklaas. Traffic information advised people to stay home. I understand why, around 2 pm the traffic congestion started, and around 4 pm nearly the whole of west Netherlands was standing still. Me, I decided to stay at the office. Got lots of work done and when I went home hardly anyone was left on the road. Aren’t I a smart girl?
Thursday we had our last quilt lesson for this season. It was also the last lesson with the eight of us. Two quilters had to quit. One of them moved to Den Haag, but the reason that Jacqueline quit is a little sad. Her thyroids are playing up. SHe needs the rest.
By the way, who also got the flu? Yes me, those little bugs that Tess was sneezing around finally found me. I now can imagine how she felt. These little bugs have me sneezing as well. I love those nice soft tissues. However, the tissues boxes need to be refilled!!


Ruth's Place said...

Welcome back! Cute Advent calendar. After the birth of my daughter I now have a new admiration for single parents!

Caroline said...

Lucky, you're on again blogging. greetings Caroline

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Hope you are feeling better and you are a wonderful aunt to have.