Saturday, 24 November 2007

Winter Workshop

Yesterday some of the ladies of the Crazy Quilters’ Bee did a workshop in Garderen. The theme of this workshop was ‘winter’. As you can see in this first picture there were lots of little projects you could do.

The workshop was very well organized. When I got there I got a lovely piece of cake and some coffee. To start your day with coffee is the way to go. We were allocated a table. Luckily, I sat at the table with Jacqueline and Caroline. Caroline organized this :) A little package, which contained some fabrics and all kinds of patterns, laid waiting for us on the table. I got started straight away. To get our attention Henny, the organizer and teacher, had a bell.

Here is Caroline helping some other workshop attendees.

We also got served a lovely lunch. Henny had prepared a wild boar stew. Her husband had hunted this boar. In the ‘Veluwe’ we are having some problems with boars. There are just too many. Well there is one less now. The stew was very different to what I’ve tasted before.
As you can see, I was not the only one enjoying my day.

This is my project.

As you can see this is a WIP. I like doing these little projects, but I prefer making big quilts. Hopefully I will find time to finish it soon.
I also got the recipe of the cake I had in the morning!! I'm going to try to make it myself one of these days.


Karol-Ann said...

Sounds like a great day!

Grazia said...

You spent a very nice day!!!
The little project you did is so lovely!!!! Me too I prefer doing quilts but sometimes I do little things to see something a few time!!!:):)
Grazia from Italy

Lucy said...

I love your christmas quilt :-) and I can see that you all had a lot of fun !!

Maddy said...

Helen your stew sounded delicious, and I really like your WIP, great colours for winter.