Saturday, 10 November 2007

A very congested week

Rain, rain, go away...
Last week was pretty busy: long working days, lots of traffic congestion, lots of hard winds and very wet (boy it really has been raining). The leaves have nearly all fallen from the trees, the beautiful autumn colours have slowly disappeared. We are really ready for winter! According to the weatherman we will see some sun tomorrow but today it will remain grey and wet. And what have I planned for today, a garden day. Yes, the last winter preparations need to be done and I’m not going to let the rain get me down. We need to replant some plants for our hedge. Hopefully next spring we will have a nice full hedge on the side of our house, bordering between us and our neighbours.

Quilting class
Thursday we had our quilt class, I was late because the road home was so congested that I took 1 hour and 45 minutes to travel 41 kilometers. We learned to do curvy appliqué. It was hard to concentrate, as I was sooooooo tired.

Getting older
I’m getting a little older! At least according to the eye-specialist. I need glasses for when I’m sitting behind the computer. I had my eyes checked out a couple of weeks ago as I sometimes have neck and shoulder pain when working behind my computer. I seem to have developed some RSI-related problems. The eye-specialist kept on repeating himself, as you’re above 40 we advise you to get these glasses. I know I’m above 40 but what has that to do with my eye-sight? He remained very calm, and kept on repeating himself you are above 40 therefore there is an indication for these glasses. I now have glasses for seeing far-away, glasses for when working with the computer, when will I need quilt-glasses????
This afternoon I’m getting them fitted. Hopefully I will find a nice pair.

This week I received lots of parcels. The ZIG-pens I ordered have come. I also got the Kaleido-Ruler, the Thimble quilt templates (large and small), and two rotary cutters (small and large). Online shopping is great, except when our customs department wants to charge some extra taxes.

356 challenge quilt
My journal is coming along nicely. Have made an entry everyday. Now I have the pens, I only need to get the fabric and I can start with the ‘356 challenge quilt’. It is a little hard to be thankful or grateful for something every day. Do you find it hard to be positive about something everyday? I do, still I’m surprised that nearly everyday I have some good thing to be grateful for and that I can truly say I lead a great life.

Karol-Ann has tagged me about a week ago to write this creative meme. I hope to get it done this weekend. I see that Laila, Jane, and Kate have already done so. Ladies, I enjoyed reading about how you came to be so creative. The nice thing about blogging is you meet new people. Because of Karol-Ann I found another nice blogger, Gudrun. These meme’s personalise the blog and you get to know the blogger a little better. Hope to post mine tomorrow!!

Do you know what a meme is? Or means? I didn’t till a couple of minutes ago. Wikipedia is so helpful.

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Annelies said...

I find it harder to write on the 365 Challenge quilt in the fall and winter. In summer you go outside more often and you have more to write about.
It is good to start now, because you'll have the best part when your quilt is nearly finished.