Monday, 26 November 2007

They have arrived!!

The postman delivered a little package today which contained 3 patterns that I ordered from Candleberry Country. Two are for Christmas and the other one is not for any season particularly. This was a nice homecoming.

Don’t you just love these stitchery patterns?

Yesterday didn’t have any time to blog. I worked on the quilt for my little niece, Zoë. I find that sewing a quilt on the sewing machine doesn’t mean it is finished quicker. Getting the windmills just right is hard and tedious work. I might just improvise a little bit to get this project finished quicker.
Coming weekend I will be babysitting my little nieces, I think I might start with the ''angels in disguise''. I better not forget to pack my DMC treads and needles!


Karol-Ann said...

Personally, i think crafty post IS the best post!!!

Maddy said...

They look wonderful Helen, you are going to have lots of fun this season.