Sunday, 4 November 2007


This morning, yes on Sunday, I wanted to solve my light problem. Didn’t want to wait another day; luckily Ikea was open. I quickly showered and got dressed and off I went. As I was early, hardly anyone was there yet. I ran up the escalators, took the shortcuts (yes, I’m no stranger to Ikea) and found the light department.
I need more light when I’m sitting in my red chair quilting or piecing. Usually I sit at the dinner table, but this is hard on my shoulders and legs. The table is a little too high for me! The red chair is a lot more comfortable. Ikea was able to solve my light problem. I found the lamp I wanted. The ANTIFONI is nice looking and not too expensive.
JW fitted all the parts together, which wasn’t hard as he has so many helpful tools!

This afternoon, I got working on my appliqué project. I’m making a house! The compasses that I made some weeks ago will be put on the corners. Coming Thursday, we will learn how to appliqué. As you can see I’ve ironed the ‘freezer paper’ onto the fabric. Luckily, I mirrored the roof before cutting. I phoned, Caroline, just before I started cutting as I was a little unsure how to do it. I needed her advice. She is a little ahead of me with this project and I was able to profit from her experience.
Last Friday I had another surprise. I’ve been invited to speak at a congress next year May. I feel very honoured that they thought of inviting me. I think I will accept the invitation, even though that means I will need to plan in some time to make the presentation (that means I will need to get back into some old habits). Looks like I’ll be going to Paris!!


Sweet P said...

I like your lamp. Last year when the Christmas sales started Joanne's had on Ott light for half price. I bought it and it sits next to my end of the couch. Having a light right over your sewing work is the best way to work.

Karol-Ann said...

Congratulations! Paris is beautiful! (As your house will be!!)

Anonymous said...

Hoi Helen,

Tip: Ik heb een dergelijke lamp zoals jij gekocht en er een daglicht spaarlamp ingedraaid. Het werkt ideaal!!
De daglichtlampen in de winkel zijn vrij duur (rond de 30 euro) maar een vriendje heeft hem voor mij via internet besteld en betaalde incl. verzendkosten 12,50.


Karol-Ann said...

You, mt dear, are tagged (hope you don't mind)

Ruth said...

Congratulations on being asked to do a presentation. What will you be talking about?

Your house looks lovely.

Anonymous said...


De daglichtlamp heet Falcon eyes daylightlamb.

Fijn weekend!