Saturday, 24 November 2007

Challenge quilt

Some weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to start with the ‘365 challenge quilt’, well today I bought the fabric. I also bought some fabric for my ‘house & compass quilt’.
The first two fabrics are for the ‘house & compass quilt’; the next 7 are for the ‘challenge quilt’. Don’t you just love them? This will be my first pink coloured quilt. I’m changing Leanne’s quilt a little. The dark pink fabric (the one on the bottom) will be used as sashing between the 16 rows and for the border. The size of this ‘365 challenge quilt’ will be 210 x 240 cm. I’m still contemplating whether I will put a larger border around this quilt. I’ll get started first and will decide when the top is nearly finished. This will be sometime around the end of October 2008.


Sweet P said...

I love your fabrics for your Challenge quilt.

The workshop day sounds like fun. I love your Snowmen project.

Annelies said...

I love the fabrics you are gong to use for your 365 Challende quilt.
Yesterday I started with row number 10.