Friday, 26 October 2007

Quilting bee

Yesterday evening we had a nice quiet evening cutting fabric, piecing and quilting. Only a few members of our bee were able to make it. One quilting friend is moving house, two quilting friends need to pace themselves and other quilting friend had to study.
So who came over to my place? Tonny, Joke and Jannie. As you can see we were very busy. Most of us were working on our compasses, I however was working on my star quilt.
Wednesday night I had a little fright. I was cutting the sashing and discovered I didn't have enough fabric. Panic!! Mailed straight away to my local quilt shop. This can't happen, I thought. Especially, after all that effort I made last summer completing all those stars.
Luckily I got I a reply pretty quickly. Tomorrow morning, after visiting the hairdressers, I will go to the shop and buy some more dark green material :)


Judith said...

Lucky you that they had enough fabric at the store.

Caroline said...

Hi Helen,
I'm really jealous, you had your quilting bee. Next time I'll be there. Good luck with the stars, I'm waiting to start sandwiching. greetings Caroline